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My Bonus Section


From time to time we are running Promotions for our Members.
Mostly we are given away Free Membership upgrades or Free Mobile Phone Cards.
You can join the 'Latin Date Club' Bonus Program for FREE.
If you didn't sign-up already when you registered with Latin Date Club.
You can just click on the Join Free Button in the Promotion section.

How does it work:

Please Note:
On the Registeration Page is a 'Bonus Number' field.
There people have to enter your Bonus Number that the points are getting credited to your account.


Easy way to collect Bonus Points

Click the 'Invite a Friend' Button.

Another way is using the 'Invite a friend' mail.

  • The system sends automatic an E-mail (see the text of the E-mail in the text box) to your friend.
  • If your friend clicks on the link in the mail and registers with Latin Date Club, you get automatic the poinst assigned to your account.
  • Once you received enough points for the Promotion, just click the 'Get me my Bonus' button.
We hope you enjoy the Bonus Program.
Note: The Bonus Program might change from time to time.

To go to 'Promotions' Click here.

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